Our goal at obxboats.com is to offer an informative online directory of the local charter fishing fleet as well as the businesses that comprise Dare County's marine service industry. The direction of our growth is geared towards the success and perpetuation of local businesses, both big and small, which employ the folks whose hard work, dedication and skill drive our local coastal economies.

We also offer a venue for these local and nationwide businesses to advertise their products and services online. By building through a network of reputable product and service providers we are strengthening the industry by means of better efficiency. Our format includes a growing marine classifieds section and we offer technical support, website development, domain procurement and creative marketing ideas to all of our members.

We strive to support organizations like the NCWU and their efforts to keep the working public informed on events, policies and issues that directly impact the people whose steady business keeps the marine industry going. Whether people operate commercial vessels, charter boats, private sportfishers or simply run around in an outboard, they all have an impact on our economy and benefit from services provided by the NC marine industry

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